The JCM Dialogue of SNJ meets six evenings a year at various houses of worship in South Jersey.  At our meetings, we learn about each other’s holidays and traditions, and we dialogue about topics of interest to the three Abrahamic faiths.  Some of our meetings include guest lecturers such as authors, professors, clergy, or consuls.  At an additional event at the end of the year, we hold our annual social in a private home.  JCM members also volunteer in various community outreach programs.

Each year, the JCM organizes an Interfaith community program.  Some of our past programs have featured guest lecturers, such as a Muslim captain in the NYPD, and a rabbi and imam who co-authored a well-known Interfaith book.   Other programs were devoted to a single topic with a panel of speakers, a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim, to offer their perspectives.  But whatever the program, the JCM events always include “Breaking Bread Together”, a fellowship where our members, speakers, and guests can get to know each other while enjoying an array of foods from all of our cultures. These activities create opportunities for all of us to learn about the commonalities among our three Abrahamic faiths.