Recognizing that we are members of the three Abrahamic faiths, we will build upon areas that we share in common, and dialogue to understand and respect each other in areas where we differ.

We will have no tolerance for bigotry, hate and injustice, within or outside our own communities.  We will work together to ensure that there is equal opportunity for all to enjoy the inherent rights to peace, security, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our activities include:

1.  Learning about each other’s scriptures, traditions, holidays and world views through dialogue, presentations, and programs.

2.  Organizing interfaith community programs.

3.  Participating in community outreach such as programs that combat hunger, homelessness and bigotry.

Upon this foundation, with God’s help, we can build an environment in which it is possible to discuss, without resentment or ill-feeling, our differing perspectives on the current national and international events shaping our world.  By doing so, we can make meaningful contributions toward building bridges of understanding and friendship.